Opportunities for nursing and midwifery expertise abroad are huge; and the demand for labor in the sector continues to increase, especially from Japan. UNUSA as a fast-growing University in East Java has strength in both sectors and therefore has a strong commitment to fill the said opportunity. For this purpose UNUSA cooperates with Kobai Mirai Japan, a leading institution from Japan in the field of delivery of nurses and midwives. Koba Mirai Japan that was established in 2017 is a job training institution that aims to prepare competent Human Resources (HR) in its field to work in Japan, organizing Language and Competency Skills Training for Indonesian Migrant Labor Candidates (CPMI) and Prospective Apprentices to Japan. Koba Mirai Japan already has a License for Legality of Training and accredited by an accreditation agency in Indonesia – Sending Organization (SO) from the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia as the organizer of apprenticeships to Japan.

UNUSA in its effort to channel its alumni to work in Japan, especially nursing and midwives graduates, signed an MoU with Koba Mirai Japan on Monday (17/1/2022) afternoon at UNUSA Rectorate office, witnessed by the CEO of Koba Group, Mr. Tomonori Kobayashi and also Budiraharjo, SE., M.Si, Head of Labor Placement of East Java Manpower office. The MoU was signed by Rector of UNUSA, Prof. Dr. Ir Achmad Jazidie., M.Eng and the Director of Koba Group, Lisa Heriyati. 

Mr. Tomonori Kobayashi explained about Japan’s needs related to the workforce in the field of specified skill workers (SSW). In the next five years there will be about 345 thousand more workers needed by 14 industrial fields in Japan. About 60,000 of them are workers in the field of nurses. Koba Group as one of the labor distribution institutions expects a lot on UNUSAA since it has a nursing study program and Nursing and midwifery studies. Ms Kobayashi revealed that Indonesian migrant workers from Indonesia are preferred by Japanese people compared from other countries, due to their polite attitude and critical way of thinking. “The main obstacle of Indonesian migrant workers is the ability to speak Japanese. Therefore, Koba Group through cooperation with UNUSA jointly prepares prospective migrant workers in language mastery and the introduction of Japanese culture. Koba Group will specifically provide Japanese courses according to the needs of Japanese Industry. In addition, Koba also offers internship programs for students for 3-6 months to one year.  UNUSA Rector, Achmad Jazidie, who is also an alumnus of Hiroshima University, welcomed the said offer. UNUSA provides capability skills to its graduates to be able to fill jobs market abroad, not just to Japan.