“It’s Not Just Eiffel” by UNUSA Medical Student, Telling about Other Sides of France

Surabaya – Students from Faculty of Medicine (FK), Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (UNUSA) created a book “It’s Not Just Eiffel” which explores about life in France. The interesting part of this creation, it is not only reveals about the Eiffel tower tour.
Mohammad Qoimam Bilqisthi Zulfikar, the author of “It’s Not Just Eiffel”, created this book after participated in the student academic competition. That’s the turning point when he discovered France more further.
Qoimam explained his book reveal about life in France which tend to be more modern. France is a multicultural country, particularly in the capital city of Paris, which is one of the world’s fashion icon.
“I can say that France has enormous religious tolerance,” uttered Qoimam on Thursday (21/1).
Qoimam stated that in Paris, Muslim minority religion is highly valued. There are many places serve halal food for the Muslim community. “This country appreciates the prayer time for Muslims too! Maybe because it is the one of the countries in western Europe which has the largest Muslim population,” explained the man who was born on December 25, 1996.
Qoimam also discussed about the progress of science and technology, the richness of history and legendary culture, et cetera. “I write everything about the interesting sides of France that I have found in this book,” said this 24-years-old man.
He was work on the book in a year when he still undergoing his co-ass in the hospital (RS). “The Covid-19 pandemic has been creating every activities should be done online so I try to write the book during that time.”
Qoimam is currently in the 3rd semester of the medical profession program, explained since he was Senior High School (SMA), he enjoys to write. So the opportunity to go to France motivated him to enlarge his another passion.
Qoimam explained if people want to buy his book, “It’s not just Eiffel”, it can be purchased through Shoppe application. “Just type the title of the book and search. You will found it.”
“Through out this book, I can convey my knowledge to the readers, particularly for the millenials. Wish this one will inspire you,” Qoimam closed his conversation, wishing everything that he has done will be create a good impact for the reader (sar UNUSA public relations and Marketing).