Unusa Student Achieved 3rd Place in LKTTG 2020 Sidoarjo

Surabaya – Muhammad Fachruddin, a student of Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (UNUSA) achieved the third place in the event “Appropriate Technology Work Competition” (LKTTG) 2020 Sidoarjo.

Fachruddin is a student from Management Undergraduate Study Program and he was joined this competition along with Lailatul Maghfiroh, a student from UINSA.

Fachruddin uttered that he and Maghfiroh were created a smart trash bin application as the media to increase public awareness to maintain environment cleanliness.

“From this application, we can find out the waste that is being disposed of by the local community. After that, we can process the waste based on its use,” said Fachruddin on Monday (7/12).

The trash bin application can detect the weight of the waste inside so it can be seen and accessed as well in application.

“We create this smart trash bin specifically for plastic waste that can generate money,” Fachruddin added his explanation.

Fachruddin also mentioned that we can buy groceries and daily needs from accessing this smart trash bin application.

The Community and Village Empowerment Service Sidoarjo have been requested this trash bin application for being used in Sidoarjo area. Fachruddin wished his team innovation will be going well enough.

“According to government had already got a real data on waste and garbages, I wish that this application will make them easier to manage the waste,” said this student of Management Study Program of UNUSA closed his conversation. (sar UNUSA Public Relations and Marketing)