PESONA, a New Program of UNUSA to Coverage Health Issues and Requirements

Surabaya – Have you ever been wondering, what does PESONA means, and how does it formed? Dr. Himawan Estu Bagijo, SH, MH as Head Office of Manpower and Transmigration (Disnakertrans) of East Java Province, Dr. Himawan Estu Bagijo, SH, MH explained that the background of PESONA is formed because of corona virus pandemic has been spreading all over the world. So, it has made medical staffs urgently needed for hospitals and primary health care.

“The East Java Disnakertrans staffs have prepared the medical staffs who want to encourage their language skills by providing language center, so they can compete in all medical sectors over the world, not only in Indonesia,” said Dr. Himawan in the launching event of PESONA UNUSA (Public Assessment, Information and Education for Health UNUSA) at Webinar that was held by the Health Faculty (Fakultas Kesehatan) Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (UNUSA) at Wednesday (12/8) via zoom application and youtube channel.

From the data in East Java Manpower and Transmigration Office (Disnakertrans), there are 3.8 percent or approximately eight hundred thousand unemployed people in East Java. As discussed by Dr. Himawan and his staffs, he asked to the general public to develop any soft skills, not just hard skills. “By learning soft skills and hard skills, our prospective will be more creative and  having great competence to encounter the workplace,” said Dr. Himawan.

Another webinar speaker, Mohamad Yoto SKM, M.Kes as Head Division of Health Resources in East Java Division also giving his opinion that the medical staffs in East Java were still lacking. “As this issues should be handling immediately, our team were still coordinating with the central government to discover any solution at its finest ,” he said.

Mr. Yoto explained more deeply that the corporate should consider the undergraduated students, along with diploma students, also worthy enough to be given for exploring their capabilities in the workplace. “Indeed, skilled workers such as D3 and D4 are really needed, but don’t be too quickly satisfied,” he explained.

Mr. Yoto added his opinion that the roles of medical staffs were required as curative and preventive agents. “Particularly, we can giving a good example and behavior towards general public in order to maintain their health. It can be use for promotion media too. For the example, if the medical staffs are using masks, the general public may do the same. This role is quite good for us to dealing with this pandemic.”

In this webinar event too, Health Faculty of UNUSA launched the PESONA program. It means Public Assement, Information and Education For Health Unusa. With this launching program, the Rector of UNUSA, Prof. Dr. Ir Achmad Jazidie, M.Eng. claimed that he proud of this program activation. “This is a great innovation from our Health Faculty to provide excellent service for local society.”

Mr. Jazidie wished that this innovation will continue to be more capable, and he also motivated UNUSA students and lecturers to be more creative for other new ideas.

“Don’t let this pandemic interfere our creativity for bring up good innovations to our country,” he closed the conversation with his motivational encouragement . (UNUSA public relations and marketing)

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