Unusa Jiu Jitsu Team win Four KONI Cup Gold Medal in Surabaya

Surabaya – UKM Units (Student Activity Unit) Jiu jitsu Unusa who competed in the KONI Cup Jujitsu Championship won four gold medals and two silver medals. Four gold medals were donated by Ratima (D3 Midwifery), Nurislamia (nursing), Jazzem Benawe Abdul (nursing), and Ulva Nuriyah L (D3 midwifery).

In the championship which was held December 21-22 2019, two silver medal contributors were Siska Rizkiah (D3 midwifery) and Arnia (D3 nursing).

What we have achieved certainly makes us proud because we are proud of the name Unusa,” said Ratima, The chairman of Jiu jitsu Unusa UKM who won gold in Newaza-class A branch on Tuesday (7/1). Not only gold, but he also became the 3rd champion for the fighting class.

Ratima said she began to pursue Jiu jitsu since joining UKM Jiu jitsu Unusa during the first semester. She chose Jujitsu because she realized that the midwifery profession would often stay up to the night and she needed prime physical.

“So, following jui jitsu to train courage, be able to keep myself and more confident,” she said.

At first, I am quite difficult to follow the jiu jitsu movement. But I am determined to be able to master it. “If i don’t dare try, i will not be able to do it,” said Ratima.

Because of the diligence in practicing, Ratima had six championships and always won champions, eventhough she was not always the first winner.

“Alhamdulillah, six times participate in this competition, all of them get the winner, although it is not always the first wingger,” She said.

Some of the competitions which she participated in include: the Jiu jitsu of Unesa Open XII Championship in Indonesia (the third winner of newaza classes), the Jiu jitsu of inter-city competition in East Java (the second winner of fighting classes), the Jiu jitsu Championship between students in Indonesia at Bantara Univet Sukoharjo Solo (the first winner of fighting), Jiu jitsu Unmuh Ponorogo Championship in Indonesia (the second winner of fighting), Jiu jitsu Championship Unesa Open XIII in Indonesia ( the second winner of fighting), and the Jiu jitsu Championship in the Koni Cup in Surabaya (1st place in Newaza and Surabaya) 3rd place fighting).

Ratima said that Jujitsu UKM of Unusa currently had 20 students and a majority of women. They practiced every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In addition to making the arena of achievement, Ratima tried to foster a sense of solidarity and family in the team.

Now, Ratima’s obsession as Chie of Jujitsu Unusa UKM is to make Unusa the host of the Jujitsu championship.

“So far Unusa has always been a guest on various championships. It’s time to host. Moreover, many students of Unusa who excel in winning various tournaments, “said the Bidikmisi student who is also a Quran reciter who was born in Sumenep, October 2, 2018.

The following is Jiu jitsu Ukm of Unusa Team who won the KONI Cup Surabaya 2019 :

  1. Ratima, 1st winner in the Newaza branch of class A and third winner in the fighting class.
  2. Nurislamia, 1st winner fighting class B U-21 and second winner newaza class C U 21+.
  3. Jazzem Benawe Abdul, 1st winner in the U-21 F class fighting and first winner in the U-21 + F class newaza.
  4. Ulva Nuriyah L, 1st winner in the U-21 class B fighting and first winner in the U-21 C class newaza.
  5. Siska Rizkiah, 2nd winner in the U-21 C class and third winner in the U-21 C class.
  6. Arnia, 2nd winner for U-21+ class B fighting and 3rd winner for newaza U-21 + C class. (Hap / Unusa Public Relations)

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