Surabaya – Two lecturers UNUSA Community Empowering from the Nursing Study (Prodi) of Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya (UNUSA) educated the local people from Desa Abar-abir, Kecamatan Bungah, Gresik to start Healthy Lifestyle for better environment (PHBS).

The team members consists of two Nursing lecturers, Riska Rohmawati, S.Kep., Ns., M.Tr.Kep and Dr. Ima Nadatien, S.KM., M.Kes. with two Nursing students that assisting the program, Faiqotul Ilmi and Syiriatul Maula.

As the representative program, Mrs Riska Rohmawati, S.Kep., Ns., M.Tr.Kep examines the background why the program was created. The local community did not comply with health protocols, they didn’t wash their hands properly and there’s a lot of people who don’t get enough information about how to maintain their clean environment.

“We are doing this as an effort to prevent the spread of corona virus, particularly at Kecamatan Bungah,” said Mrs Riska on Tuesday (13/10).

Riska uttered her mind-mapping program used three approaches such as leadership approach (advocacy), atmosphere development (social support), and community empowerment.

“Those three approaches is our mission to help people identify and overcome their own problems, so they will be  more aware about their health and environment,” explained Mrs Riska.

Mrs Riska also mentioned about local people who still don’t want to wash their hands orderly, besides that, there is no sink in front of their house. It is also her teams wishes to educated local people health awareness. She wishes that they can implementing PHBS consistently. Even though Desa Abar-Abir is still considered as the green zone area. (sar UNUSA Public Relations and Marketing).

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