Vision dan Mission



To be a leading, superior and professional institution of higher education in Science, Technology and Arts (IPTEKS), entrepreneurial and Islamic identity.



  1. Implement professional management in managing universities based on Islamic principles.
  2. Carry out academic, professional and vocational education based on competitive resources and atmosphere to spur the desire to learn, think analytically, critically, and innovatively.
  3. Conducting research in various scientific fields through the empowerment of academicians and partners to get innovations and benefits that are beneficial to science and technology.
  4. Implement Community Service in various fields of science through empowering the Academic Community and Partners to get innovations and benefits that benefit the welfare of the community.
  5. Develop professional human resources who are able to master and apply science and technology to improve the welfare of civil society with the mindset, attitude, and behavior as a professional who has Islamic integrity and identity


  1. Realizing the University with professional, high quality organization and Islamic identity.
  2. Producing graduates who have intellectual, professional, entrepreneurial insight, and Islamic identity skills.
  3. Generating thoughts that strengthen moral development, ethics, and high social awareness of the Indonesian people.
  4. Empowering people through conceptual thinking, solving, and overcoming problems in society.
  5. Producing human resources who have innovative, educative, and initiative capabilities in education development.