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UNUSA was founded by the Surabaya Islamic Hospital Foundation (YARSIS). The embryo of its establishment began in 1979, in the form of the establishment of the School of Health Nurses (SPK) YARSIS. Then in his journey also stood the YARSIS Nursing Academy (1985), while the SPK was changed to the YARSIS Midwifery Academy (1997). It did not stop there, in 2006, the 2 institutions (AKPER-AKBID) YARSIS carried out the unification of the institution and the conversion to YARSIS STIKES until now with the addition of Nursing Undergraduate Program and Nursing Profession Program. YARSIS STIKES in Surabaya with more than 33 years of experience in managing educational institutions and encouragement from Muslimat NU, PC NU Surabaya, PW NU and PB NU, since 2012 the legality process of the transition from institutional forms to DIKTI became Universities. A big leap but directed from this long process, finally in 2013 the Nahdlatul Ulama University Surabaya (UNUSA) was formed. Although only 4 years old, on August 15, 2017 the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT) gave an evaluation of Institutional Accreditation to Unusa Accredited B according to Decree number 2740.

To facilitate the 17 study programs currently open, UNUSA has 2 campuses with complete and modern facilities. Supported by a complete laboratory for each study program, it has 3 hospitals of its own (Islam Surabaya A. Yani Hospital, Islam Surabaya Jemursari Hospital and RSIA Nyai Ageng Pinatih Gresik). The function of the hospital aside from being a health service facility for the UNUSA academic community is also intended for practical facilities for all existing study programs to support the achievement of student competency targets. Having an Audio Visual Studio laboratory for the practice of micro teaching for the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, as well as various supporting infrastructure for teaching and learning process.

The curriculum at UNUSA is a curriculum that is in accordance with the demands of modern society with learning methods Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) and oriented to student independence. UNUSA has a clear vision and mission, and continues to add new facilities and study programs in line with the development of education and community needs in the future.

School of Health Nurses

The School of Health Nurses was established by the Foundation of Surabaya Islamic Hospital in 1979 with educational facilities in the courtroom of Surabaya Islamic Hospital at A Yani Street. Since 1983 land in Smea Street number 60 and now has been change to number 57 as a a land for teaching and learning.

Nursing Academy

Surabaya Islamic Hospital Nursing Academy was founded  by the Surabaya Islamic Hospital Foundation in 1985 to coincide with the 28th of ramadhan 1405H. The Beginning of the lecturer was carried out int the courtroom of the Surabaya Islamic Hospital, while waiting for all the facilities and infrastructure to be completed at the time of the construction of the land for education which was located on the road number 57 Surabaya. At 1987 all activites began to occupy the building. The managing director of Nursing Academy РRSI Surabaya is Dr. H. Soekanto Soemodinoto, DCM (1985 Р1997). Since 1998 accredited with A point and trusted by the Center for manpower and transmigration to manage special programs for employees or graduates of SPK or SPR with a total of 40-50 students per class.

Academic Midwifery

Academic Midwifery of Surabaya Islamic Hospital (AKBIS) is the result of the conversation of Surabaya’s existing SPK-RSI, due to a policy that the SPK couldn’t be held longer. Based on the decree of Minister of Health Republic Indonesia number HK. dated 7 December 1997 to coincide with 6 Rajab 1418H, AKBIS began to operate.

Institute of Health Science

Institute of Health Science in 2006 based on the decision of the Minister of Education Number 235/D/O/2006 dated 22 December 2006 coinciding with 01 Dzulqoidah 1427H. The two academies merged to become the medical school of the foundation of the Surabaya Islamic Hospital Foundation (STIKES YARSIS) by opening and organizing 3 programs :

1. Diploma III Nursing Study Program

2. Diploma III Midwifery Study Program

3. Bachelor of Nursing Study Program

In 2010 BAN-PT accredited the three study programs with obtained B for Diploma III Midwifery Study Program, while the other study programs still received grades of C. In 2011 there were additional study programs based on minister of education and culture decree number 312/E/O/2011 dated 29 December 2011 coincide 03 Muharram 1433H regarding the implementation of professional study programs.