Diploma-III Nursing Study Program


 The implementation of the Nursing Diploma III Education Program initially used the Nursing Diploma III National Curriculum Program, which was established by the Minister of National Education with Decree No. 239 / U / 1999 dated October 4, 1999, and finally developed into the Nursing III Education Curriculum III in 2006. National Curriculum arranged based on the Vision, Mission of the Nursing Diploma III Education, Nursing Philosophy which includes the concepts of human, health, environment and nursing as well as tolerating the principles of national higher education, curriculum organizations that direct the course of educational programs, educational program objectives and institutional goals. Furthermore, based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education Number 232 / U / 2002 regarding the Core Curriculum of Higher Education, the demands of the needs of the community (users of graduates), and the tendency of the globalization era, it is necessary to revise the National Education Diploma III Nursing Curriculum especially on developing competency-based curriculum by grouping Subjects based on 5 (five) learning pillars. Five pillars of learning as a basis for students in living in the community.

The KBK curriculum is implemented starting in the 2012-2013 school year to date with a load of 120 SKS which is divided into 94 core SKS curriculum and 26 SKS institutional curriculum. We always Implement curriculum evaluations to perfect the Nursing Diploma III Education curriculum so that the learning process carried out is not just a process of transfer of knowledge, but truly a process of equipping in the form of a method of inquiry someone who is competent in working in the community.

To become a nursing education institution that produces superior and professional Nursing Diploma III graduates with an Islamic identity.

1. Implement vocational-oriented education with emphasis on solving problems in a comprehensive and open manner

2. Implement nursing research to improve the quality of services and knowledge in the field of nursing

3. Implement community service in the field of nursing to improve community welfare

4. Actualizing Islamic values in the Tri Dharma of Higher Education activities