Faculty of Engineering 

To produce graduates of Bachelor of Computer who are superior, professional, and have entrepreneurial spirit and Islamic identity

  1. Carry out quality education and teaching in the field of Information Systems to produce graduates who are competent, qualified, ethical, capable of developing and Islamic identity and accepted by the community and have competitiveness
  2. Carry out research in the field of Information Systems that is able to support the development of critical thinking skills, analytical and beneficial for the development of institutions and society
  3. Helping the wider community utilize information systems and information technology and communication positively through empowering Academic Community Members and Partners to enhance creativity, productivity and efficiency.
  4. Carry out professional management in managing information systems study programs by actualizing Islamic values.

A. Main Competencies

  • Have good ethics and skills in the field of information systems
  • Having the ability to solve problems as a professional manager of Information Technology projects, Information Systems Analyst, Data Analyst, Application Developer, System Administrator and Computer Networks and other professions.
  • Able to solve various problems and organizational needs with the help of Information Systems and Information Technology.
  • Being able to analyze the results of the identification of needs and problems becomes an important finding for the development of information systems.

B. Supporting Competencies

  • Able to display technoprener skills
  • Being able to identify the needs of data and information systems for the purposes of analysis in a health service facility
  • Able to implement information systems development methods in making health information system applications
  • Students have the opportunity to get an Information Systems Professional certification

C. Other Competencies

  • Able to understand and apply the concept of Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah
  • Able to communicate using English well
  • Have the integrity of professionalism and commitment to ethical values
  • Having a fighting power in completing work in the field of information systems